What is OrderLord?

Make more money with your delivery

How will you benefit from using OrderLord?

Reduce Costs

Running a delivery service isn’t cheap. Improve the restaurant's processes and make sure every penny is used wisely.

Increase Customer Retention

Up to 30% of all orders are delivered late. We help you to minimize late deliveries and ensure your customers will happily order again.

Boost Your Brand

Increase order frequency by providing superior service and great customer experience.

Join us and restart your delivery!

Why should I try OrderLord?

Instant Setup

We help you to set up your new account. You can start managing your business with OrderLord right after the demo.

2-Week Free Trial

After the demo presentation, you have 2 weeks to completely test OrderLord with all it's features.

Live Support

Our dedicated support team is happy to answer all your questions and make sure you enjoy using OrderLord.

Create a delightful delivery experience

Sign up for a live demo to find out how we can help today.

Features OrderLord provides

The biggest advantage of OrderLord is the modularity of the system. This allows you to design a completely customized solution from features that you really want.


Our intelligent algorithm will manage deliveries for you. We have traffic data, deadlines, and availability of your drivers.

Order Tracker

With this customer-facing solution, you can easily introduce transparency into your delivery process.

Customer Notifications

Sending of a notification to a customer at the right time can save a lot of time for your delivery drivers.

Kitchen Display

Forget about paper tickets all over your kitchen and take it into the 21st century.

Driver App

Faster delivery, fewer mistakes, and better performance of all your delivery guys.

Caller ID

See who is calling you and a full history of his orders without the need to type anything.


Analytics help you identify opportunities to improve your delivery and team performance.

Corporate Reporting

Proper reporting is a must for every chain and OrderLord gives you this option.


We've integrated loyalty platforms to help you build rewarding customer relationships.

Improve your delivery with OrderLord now!

What Customers Say About Us

We are proud of what we have done. We are ready for the next big challenge. Yours!


Tomas Nagy

Sushi Time - Co-founder & CFO

"We use OrderLord because it helps us to work together more efficiently for a better delivery service. Thanks to the app everyone on the team knows what to do next and there is no chaos even during the busiest of times. OrderLord makes sure I can focus on running the business, while it helps running my delivery."


Tanja Paun

CSA Happy Home Delivery - CEO

"With 23 restaurants, up to 40 drivers, and 500+ orders for delivery per day, we need to stay informed and in control at all times. OrderLord helps us to uphold the highest performance standards to keep the customers happy. That is what counts."


Sebastian Graf

El Salad - CEO

"What I really appreciate though, is your hustle, hard work, and devotion to potential clients. I must say the other four competitors we tried did not have the same mindset."

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We are proud to work with the most innovative restaurant solutions!

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